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Using Lean Meats, Fresh Fruits & Veggies to Create Fully Prepared Meals, that are Shipped Right to your Door!

We believe in Simple Ingredients          that taste delicious!

Meal Prep without the Prep

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Whether you are just trying us out or have ordered many times, our al a carte gives you the option to place a one time order without any worry of reoccurring charges!

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Pre-made boxes to help ordering go a little smoother! Choose the pack that bests fit your needs while we do all the prep and cooking!

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What better way to make life easier than to have meals and smoothies show up without thought! Our subscriptions have no obligations and are managed 100% by you

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How it works

Choose Your Meals

Select from our wide variety of protein smoothies, chia bowls, oat bowls and grain bowls then sit back and relax while we do the cooking.

Let us do the Cooking

Our staff will carefully prepare, cook, and package all of your meals and have them fresh and ready to go!

Shipped to your door

Meals are shipped every Tuesday via 2 day air to your home in an insulated cooler box.


Defrost your smoothies or heat your meals for a delicious treat without the prep and mess. Containers are reusable and recyclable for no clean up!

Azrin A

Oh So Smoothie is great! As someone on the go always with work, volunterring, and community organizing, it is pretty hard to get a balanced diet. Oh So Smoothie makes it to ensure I am eating fresh, chef prepared, balanced food. The smoothies make it easy to eat something healthy that is packed with fruit and veggies as well as protein, but no additives, fillers, or preservatives. They taste great, are gluten free, come in a variety and are also in a cute bottle that is recyclable and reusable. I can't recommend enough!

Kaylee C

Oh So Smoothies are delicious, the kind of deliciousness that makes me drool just thinking about them! They are extremely convenient with having two kids two and under. Taking it out of the freezer the night before is perfect for those "oh crap I haven't ate yet" or "I need something now because I am starving" kind of days. What's even better is my two year old loves them and I know she is getting a nutritious snack

Niki S

These are amazing! Could I do the hassle of getting the ingredients, taking time to make them, clean up after making them, and make sure I make them fast enough so my ingredients don’t go bad… sure. But why would I want to when I can just open my freezer/ fridge and BOOM! Delicious smoothie (100% better than I can make) and ready to go. Best part of this all?? The kids love them too! No more worrying about if they are getting enough protein, fruits and dairy. Got that covered so easily. Y’all need to try these!

Kasha W

These smoothies taste the best!!! There isn't one that I haven't liked...including the green smoothies and I normally am not a fan of them. I highly recommend oh so smoothie!

Rachel G

I love smoothies, but don't love making them. Oh so Smoothie is not just at my convenience, but oh so yummy! The Peach Creamsicle is my favorite with the Apple Pie Smoothie a very close second